August 31, 2015

Work in Progress – Raccoon and Apple, Update 2

After making the skull prints, I turned my attention to the apple tree.  I planted it decades ago; it’s a variety called Freedom, and Starks Nursery advertises it thusly: “Exceptional disease resistance! Easy-care tree ideal for areas with apple scab, powdery mildew, and fire blight issues. This vigorous tree has a lovely spreading nature. Large bright-red fruit with a juicy tender flesh great for fresh-eating, cider, juicing, and cooking. Cold-hardy. Ripens from late September to early October.”

Which is all true.  It’s disease free, and very prolific, although it tends to bear more heavily every other year.  It is not, however, insect free. As a strictly organic grower, I used to muck about with traps and organic sprays and so forth, but the tree got huge and I got distracted.  The crop of semi-damaged apples is now a huge boon for all the local wildlife, including raccoons, so I get a lot of satisfaction out of that.
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP7
But I digress.  I made cyanotype prints of apple branches, including one when it was in flower, and started to play around with possible color palettes and image placement:Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP8   Here I continued to audition the design:
Sue Reno, Raccoon and Apple, WIP9

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