January 30, 2013

In Dreams I Flew Over the River - Work in Progress, Update 2

After completing the main body of this piece, I auditioned fabrics that I could use to extend and visually frame it.  To emphasize the effect of sunlight sparkling on the water, I chose lustrous silks.  To evoke the landscape of woods and fields, I used an earthy silk tweed.
I am usually very controlled in my use of silk.  Because one of my objectives in this piece was to experiment with a looser style, I allowed the silk more latitude, letting it pleat and fold as I arranged and stitched it. 
With the borders stitched onto the felted work, I layered the piece, added thread embellishment, and quilted it heavily. The interplay of all the textures--the wools, the silks, the lines of the quilting, the layered stitching--is pretty wonderful. 

See the previous post about this work here.

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