February 1, 2013

Cyanotypes in “How to Decorate and Embellish Your Fabrics”

Images from several of my art quilts are featured in a recently released book, How to Decorate and Embellish Your Fabrics by Laurie Wisbrun.
There’s a detail from Columbine on the right center of the cover.
More work is shown in the section on Cyanotype, written by Christina McFall.  Christina approached me about providing images because of our shared passion for working with the cyanotype process.  You can read about Christina’s creative endeavors in her blog Meadowlarking.  She has recently moved to Germany and is also highlighting glorious photos of things that catch her eye in Berlin. 

The work in the top left of the page spread is by Suzanne Harlow, and then proceeding clockwise, it features Poke Salad:
Two images from Big Root Geranium:
And a detail from The Organic Garden:

My thanks to Christina and Laurie and all involved in this book project.  It’s always a pleasure to share my work and my enthusiasm for cyanotype with a wider audience.


Connie said...

Beautiful work!

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DeCamp Fiber Arts Studio said...

Very nice! Congratulations!!