January 14, 2013

Neversink Mountain Preserve Hike

Once again we took advantage of the incredibly mild January weather to get outside and ramble about.  The Neversink Mountain Preserve is a large tract of land abutting the City of Reading, in Berks County, PA.  It has a wealth of well maintained and blazed trails--the first time I’ve seen blazes in bright orange and purple--over varied terrain.  In times past it was a summer resort destination for Philadelphians, and some of the structures from that era are still evident.  The Witch Hat Pavilion is a carefully crafted folly perched on an overlook.SueReno_WitchHatPavilionInterior
The round portals were great subjects for my fisheye iPhone lens.
From the overlook, a cloudy day view of the city of Reading.
Nearby someone had left paper cranes suspended in a small evergreen.
As we walked away, I turned and caught an inverse reflection of the pavilion in a raindrop on a twig.
A hike along the ridge led to a descent into a pretty valley, where tan leaves still clinging to the beech trees lent a bit of variety to the monochromatic environs.
A trail along a gurgling creek led to the ruins of a former railroad trestle.
The soil was gravelly, wet and slippery, and the climb turned into a clamber.
It was a good spot for a victory pose.
It was a lovely view down into the valley from the ledge.
I hope you have the chance to get outside and explore the world around you.  Thanks as always for reading and commenting.

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