January 17, 2013

Silk Mill #3 - Work in Progress, Update 3

The design work and construction is my absolute favorite part of the  artquilt-making process.  When I can, I like to set aside an entire day without distractions or other obligations, and really get into the flow of creating something out of nothing.  For Silk Mill #3 I had such a day.  I also had ready my six screen printed panels, which had undergone a preliminary round of stitching.  I had some digitally custom printed silk yardage with imagery from the same source photo.  I had my pieced strips in three different colorways, ready to cut down and re-assemble.  It was time to start pinning it up on the design wall and let it evolve.
I find that if I am honest and open and clear minded as I do the first arrangement of elements, it’s usually a keeper.  From there it needs minor tweaking as I build it out.  I started by stitching patchwork onto each panel, then pieced the panels together.  I sewed, pressed, and trimmed, but I didn’t measure much.  At this stage measuring is an intrusive interface in the visual flow.  Once the center portion was completed, I worked on fabricating and fitting the borders onto it.    It was a very good day, and I was really pleased with how I was able to manage the flow of colors and the movement across the piece.

Coming soon: the reveal!
To read more about the Silk Mill Series, click the tab at the top to track it back and see the original photos of the building, or go here. Silk Mill #1 and Silk Mill #2 are on my website, as part of my series The Structures.

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