September 1, 2010

Today's Feature: Reed Run

I'm packing up and getting organized in advance of delivering and helping to set up my work at Jonal Gallery tomorrow.  One of the works included in "Fantastic Foliage" will be Reed Run, which is based on the experience of hiking along the stream in the Reed Run Nature Preserve in Lancaster County.  The leaves are from  pawpaw trees--regular readers know I have a bit of a fixation with pawpaw trees--which grow in stands all along the streamside.  The print on the left is a cyanotype on silk, and the one on the right is a heliograhic print, done with textile paints on a textured silk.

There's hand embroidery in this one, and lots of beadwork with glass seed and bugle beads as well as semi-precious stones.  Combined with the rich silk and handwoven cotton fabrics, it's a visual and textural treat when seen in person.  Please stop by the gallery if you get the chance.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Congratulations on your latest show. I'm sure it will be very well received!