September 15, 2010

Jonal Exhibit Opening


The opening of my solo show, "Fantastic Foliage" at Jonal Gallery was great fun--great visitors, perfect weather, excellent food, and warm and welcoming hosts.  I'm so happy to have my work in this excellent venue.  Below is a portion of the front gallery room, before the crowds came.

A shot of the Labyrinth gallery--the floor is unbelievable--original wood flooring, restored and then painstakingly hand stenciled in an elaborate labyrinth design.
And here's the happy artist!
I will be giving a gallery talk / powerpoint presentation at the gallery tomorrow, 9/16, from 7-9.  Call the gallery at 717-681-9400, or email  to reserve a spot.  I have a lot of interesting information and visuals to share and look forward to spending another evening at the gallery --hope to see you there!         


Gerrie said...

Your work looks gorgeous in this setting.

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Gerrie! It's been a good experience.