September 30, 2010

New Work -- Deer and Mayapple

Today I'm featuring another just-completed work, "Deer and Mayapple".  It's part of my new series, Flora and Fauna, which is also the name of my exhibit running through the month of October at the PA Arts Experience Gallery, 114 N. Prince St., Lancaster, PA.  I'll be at the gallery from 5 -9 tomorrow night for the First Friday opening reception, and again on Saturday for Lancaster Artwalk.  I'm excited about the opportunity to share my new work in such a great venue.

"Deer and Mayapple"  is 42"h x 50" w, and features cyanotype prints of skull and jaw bones that I photographed.  The prints came out very well; you can even see the squiggly lines bisecting the skull on top, which I'm assuming is where the growth plates fused.  It's a smallish skull, with short stubs of antlers, and part of the nose was either worn or nibbled away.  The patchwork is made from high-end silks, and cotton and bamboo fabrics I painted and printed.

It's also got this absolutely fabulous vintage embroidered piece, with a fawn nibbling some possibly forbidden fruit in a fantasy garden. 

Can you tell I am having a lot of fun with this series?


Judy Warner said...

Congrats on your exhibit, Sue. Sorry I don't live closer so I could see your latest work and all the others in person. Hope the opening went well.

Penny said...

Love your use of embroidery in this piece.