September 16, 2010

Artquilts XV: Needleplay -- Acceptance

I'm very happy to announce that two of my works from the Watt & Shand series have been juried into Artquilts XV:Needleplay, that will be displayed at the Chandler Center for the Arts & Vision Gallery, Chandler, AZ, November 5, 2010, through January 15, 2011.  The selected works are Watt & Shand #7, above, and Watt and Shand #10.  The detail shot of #7, below, includes the amazing leaning man:

If you are new here, you can track back the Watt & Shand series as a work in progress by clicking on Watt & Shand under Labels in the right sidebar, or you can read the short synopsis here.  Below is #10, the final work in the series:
The list of accepted artists reads like a Who's who of quilt and fiber artists I admire--check it out here.  I am thrilled to be in such esteemed company, and would love to see this show.  I may have to give some  serious consideration to a road trip!

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