January 5, 2010

A Fox, some rocks, and a cornfield

This weekend I was treated to the sight of a magnificent red fox running back and forth across my suburban back yard. There are patches of woods nearby, and the usual assortment of rabbits, squirrels and groundhogs around and about on a regular basis, but foxes are scarce and elusive here. I was happy all day after this encounter.
And I don't believe in omens, per se, but it still seemed like a sign. You know how when you buy a blue Toyota, and suddenly you notice all the other blue Toyotas on the road? Sometimes events can serve to hone our attention, and that's what this fox sighting was like for me. I had a great year in 2009, with much of it devoted to producing my Watt & Shand series (if you're new here, you can check it out by clicking on "Watt & Shand" under Labels in the right sidebar.) I still have some stitching to do to finish out the pieces in the series, but most of the intense work is done, and I've been casting about for a direction for my creative energies for the coming year.
I'd been thinking about my "Skunk Cabbage and Possum", a piece I really enjoyed putting together using cyanotypes of a possum skull and botanical images. I kept meaning to expand on the idea that lead me to it, but got sidetracked.
The fox sighting helped put everything into perspective for me, and I'm happily overflowing with ideas on how to use animal images in series of works that will be my focus for the coming months. I invite you to stay tuned here as I work out the details and share the works in progress.
In other news, this winter is hard upon us, with snow, deep cold, and frequent howling winds. I find I get through it more easily, with less whining and better health, if I bundle up and get outside when possible. A recent foray rewarded me with this view of some nearby rocks dusted with snow:
And a view out over the valley with corn stubble in the foreground. There is a bit more light each day, and I am greatly encouraged.

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