January 18, 2010

African Threads

I've just received this wonderful embroidery I purchased through Valerie Hearder's African Threads.
Valerie buys the embroideries directly from the African women who create them; they provide a valuable source of desperately needed income for basic survival. She also donates a portion of the proceeds to the SLF Grandmother's Campaign, which supports grandmothers who are caring for children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

So I felt good about my purchase even before it arrived; now that I can see first hand how wonderful the colors and composition are, how skilled the needleworker is, and the overall quality of the piece, I am thrilled.
There are similar ones available in the African Threads Etsy Shop--go and find your own treasure!
As a bonus, sewn to the back was a paper with this explanation of the work:
And pinned to that was this translation:

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Gerrie said...

How wonderful. I have been meaning to buy one of these.