July 28, 2008

Quilt Odyssey at Hershey

I attended the Quilt Odyssey show in Hershey, PA, yesterday. Above is the obligatory photo of me wearing my exhibitor's badge and posing with The Organic Garden. This is a nice show-not large by quilt show standards, but well juried and with a nice spectrum of quilts. I'm always pleased to be accepted here, partly because they treat exhibitors well, with a free day pass and encouragement to stand by your work and talk to people about it. It's always very instructive to get the public's take on your work!

Another of the delights of this show is that Usha of Handloom Batiks has a booth there. She is such a lovely person, and has a wonderful assortment of fabrics. (No affiliation, just a happy customer.) I lived and traveled in India as student many moons ago, and still have a strong affinity for the colors and textures of Indian textiles. Take a look at the ones I just purchased:

The subtleties of the color combinations give me such a thrill--and look what happens when they are paired with a piece of dupioni silk I already had on hand:

These are for an upcoming project that is still in the cognitive stages. Stay tuned!

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