July 24, 2008

PNQE Acceptance

My Wood Poppy will be going to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Harrisburg, PA in September. It's close enough that I can easily travel to attend the show, which is held in the Farm Show building. (A digression--if you ever get the chance to attend the Farm Show, jump on it! There's fun for all ages, and the food is unbelievably delicious.) It's a good show, lots of beautiful and interesting quilts to admire, diverse special exhibits, and plenty of vendors.
This is the first time out to a show for this quilt, and I'll be interested to see what kind of reactions (if any!) it elicits. It's not a complicated work, in terms of the number of pieces involved. But I like to think that it's elegant in its simplicity. There's nothing excess there, and everything that is there seems exactly right to me.

It features cyanotype prints on silk of the leaves and flowers of the wood poppy, Stylophorum diphyllum, a handsome native perennial that likes a moist shady spot.

The patchwork is silks, velveteen, and some high-end home dec fabric samples that I rescued for reuse. The border is a wonderful piece of vintage barkcloth fabric that I was given in exchange for offering up opinions on fabrics destined for an estate sale. (Thanks, Jan, for facilitating that adventure!) It was the absolutely perfect foil to the prints and patchwork.

Here's a detail shot, where you can see some of the beading:



Lorie McCown said...

Congrats! It's nice to get a 'yes' sometimes, isn't it? Your quilt is lovely, well done!

Sue Reno said...

Thanks, Lorie! Yes, an acceptance is always very appreciated.