July 18, 2008

Fabulous Fiber Acceptance

I'm pleased to announce that The Cul-de-Sac has been accepted into Fabulous Fiber at the Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ. The exhibit was juried by Joanie San Chirico and Geraldine Velasquez. I'm familiar with beautiful Monmouth County and hope to be able to travel to the opening reception on August 15th.

The Cul-de-Sac is one of my personal favorites because I still remember distinctly the excitement I felt when the concept sprang full-blown into my consciousness. A area of mature woodland at the end of my street had been cleared in a rather dramatic fashion, in order to be paved over as a cul-de-sac. The bare ground on the hillside was quickly colonized by opportunistic plants, and I stopped often while walking the dog to see what was happening and take pictures. I was fascinated by watching the plants sprout from seeds that had been long buried, or brought by the wind and birds, and seeing them compete for dominance.

The images in the quilt were taken from the second year of growth, as the tree seedlings were picking up steam but the undergrowth was still quite thick. There's a list of the plants depicted on my website. The inspiration for Sumac came from this same spot, and those are sumac branches on the sides in green.

This was a very labor-intensive work, with a lot of hand embroidery defining the plants in the center panel. Here's a few detail shots:


Vivien said...

Congratulations! Your quilts are all so lovely. I'm sure the curators are thrilled to have your piece included.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! A beautiful venue for a beautiful piece!

Monmouth County was my old stomping grounds in the 80s when I worked in Tinton Falls and Little Silver. Let me know as we approach the date whether you are definately going. I'll try to go, too. BTY, nearby Red Bank is a town of many great restaurants, maybe we can meet up at one before or after the show.