July 22, 2008

High Summer

It's high summer here in Lancaster County, and the fecundity, as well as the humidity, is palpable. A trip to my favorite farmer's market, Root's, garnered some amazing locally grown produce, such as blueberries for cereal and freezing:

Stripy Italian eggplants, shown here in with vintage melmac and vintage embroidery:

Two varieties of sugar plums--these are bite-sized plums that are amazingly sweet without being cloying--better than candy, and eagerly anticipated each summer:

Early garnet peaches, fresh from the orchard and covered with fuzz:

And bi-color sweet corn for supper:

I've been fortunate to live in farming country most of my life, with access to locally grown food, so it's just been a way of life for us. I'm so glad to see the concept of eating locally is gaining in popularity--small produce farmers work incredibly hard, and deserve our support and our food dollars.

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