June 8, 2008

Step Away From the Beads

Sometimes the tricky part is knowing when to stop. I've been spending all my time, not otherwise taken up by the necessities of life, for the past week adding beads to the Sycamore quilt. I would add some beads, put the work up on the design wall and look at it for a bit, then take it down and add more beads. It's a relatively big quilt, 69" x 45", so it takes a lot of beading to make an impact on a area that large.

I enjoy doing beading, in a somewhat obsessive/compulsive way, despite the difficulty of working on a piece of this size and the havoc it wreaks on my wrist. I'm not impatient about it, and I like watching the patterns unfold. I think in this instance it works very well to convey an impression of the tree bark.

But at some point, I realized the right balance had been achieved, and I put the beads back in their containers and shelved them so I wouldn't be tempted to add more. It's time to move on to other projects.

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