June 2, 2008

Binding, Beads, and a Beetle

I've got the binding on the Sycamore quilt:

And I've started on the beading:

It's a fairly large quilt, so it involves a LOT of beading. I don't often do beadwork on a quilt this size, and my wrist and shoulder are reminding me why....But I felt very strongly that it needed it, and it's really adding to the textural effect of the sycamore bark that I'm aiming for. Plus it's a very meditative kind of activity. I'm just focused on which bead should come next, and where it should go. It's very restful.

I've added a Sycamore label on the right so you can bring up the series of posts so far.

And now, apropos of absolutely nothing, a spiffy looking American Carrion Beetle - Necrophila americana- I came across on the path down at the lake this morning.

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