January 26, 2008

New Fiber Postcards

I recently completed some new postcards for trading with the Postmark’d Art group. I was smitten at the local farmer’s market this past fall by a stunning Romanesco cauliflower. I took pictures of it, tweaked them, and printed them on an assortment of silks and cotton. The colors are fairly true to life; this is really how it looked. The quirky topgrowth was a result of a long Indian Summer. After the photo shoot, the cauliflower was featured at dinner, with the trimmings going to the compost pile'

Here's a card featuring a closeup of the great textures and colors.

Here's the funky topgrowth, a sort of mini-me.

And of group shot of the some of the cards.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I love the caulifower photos. The fractals are so interesting and the colors beautiful. The group shot of the cards reminds me of a coral reef. Beautiful!