January 26, 2008

More Fiber Postcards

I made another set of postcards for trading with the Art2Mail group, featuring plume poppy leaves. Plume poppies are a favorite of mine; I have a weakness for big leaves, and these are glaucous to boot. They are reputed to be an invasive plant, but in my garden they pop up unexpectedly only occasionally, and are welcome. The images were done with a heliographic printing process, using Setacolor paints, on cottons and silks. Here they are drying in the sun.

After printing, the fabric was layered with batting and heavily stitched. Once the cards were assembled, I highlighed the leaves with more paint. Here's a card printed on silk:

And one printed on cotton:

A group shot of the plume poppy cards:


Pat's Place said...

This would make a great piece all by itself. Goes to show you how great small pieces can really be!

Nikki said...

Beaufiful cards. The leaves glow on the silk.