January 26, 2008

Mid-Atlantic acceptance

I got good mail yesterday–two of my quilts were accepted into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, held in Virginia on Feb. 21-24. Both of them were made last summer for my special exhibit, “River Visions”, at PNQE in Harrisburg, Sept. 2007; this is their first time out juried into a show. Here's "Mystery Fern", in full and detail shots:

Here's "Reed Run", named for a small stream with pawpaw trees growing on the banks:

Both of them stem from great experiences I have had hiking in the beautiful woods here in southern Lancaster County, PA.

“Mystery Fern” will be in the Innovative category, and “Reed Run” with the Wall Quilts. I won’t be attending the show, but would be very appreciative of installation shots from anyone who is.


Pat's Place said...

Congratulations, Sue!

And I'm delighted you started a blog - it will be fun keeping in touch with you via the sharing of our art. Alas, I'm way behind in posting due to the flood problem. But we are finally back home again and I have a whole new (smaller) studio space to initiate any day now... Why is it so hard to start working after being away from art for awhile???

SusanSW said...

Congratulations! Those are, I think, my 2 favorites of all your quilts so far!! And it is so nice to see your new blog...I look forward to following your adventures.

your Art2mail buddy,

Peg Keeney said...

Hay there Sue,
Glad you are blogging. Its a wonderful way to follow what you are up to. Love those califlowers

Cathy said...

Sue! Another Art2Mailer pipes up!
I've added you to my Bloglines and I am happy to say it doesn't pose any reading/viewing issues or problems.
I am also thrilled to have one of your Plume Poppies in my personal collection.
Sending hugs,
Cathy in NE PA

cat in tassie said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for sending the link to your blog to quiltart. I love both of these quilts, and your postcards. I'm just starting to make postcards and atc's - lots of fun!