January 28, 2008

Birds of a feather

Why did the wild turkeys cross the road? Apparently, to get to the park. This was an unusual sighting here in suburbia a few weeks ago. There's some nice habitat in the park, and I hope they will establish themselves there.

I had another recent close encounter with large birds, this one also involving a recently deceased rabbit. I startled a group of vultures while driving through my neighborhood; I parked nearby and waited, watching them circle. After 5 minutes or so, one landed--they are huge!--and with the Prius in stealth mode I crept up silently and got a picture:

After that, perhaps some charming little songbirds are in order; here's a bit of vintage embroidery:

It's difficult to get a good clear picture of songbirds, but a few years ago I got lucky. I caught a fledgling robin on its first flight from the nest under our deck; it made it to the locust tree, then had to pause and rest and pose for a picture. I was so pleased with the shot I used it as the centerpiece for my piece "The Fledgling". Here's a detail shot:

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mary manahan said...


Hope this one goes through. Congrats on the great new Blog! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the bright leaf sunprints...