March 24, 2016

New Work - Magnolia

Magnolia, by Sue Reno
Magnolia, by Sue Reno
 I'm happy to share with you my recently completed work "Magnolia".  Regular readers will recall that this piece was begun plein air in the garden of the Governor's Residence in Harrisburg, PA, last fall.  I was on the grounds with other artists of the PA Arts Experience for an open house in the Residence showcasing member art, including my Watt & Shand #3.
Magnolia, detail 1, by Sue Reno
Magnolia, detail 1, by Sue Reno
I roamed the gardens for a bit before settling near a gorgeous magnolia tree, complete with seed pods, sited in front of a mellow brick wall and flanked by the last of the season's roses.  I laid out the basics of the center panel by cutting strips of wool, and began needlefelting them by hand, all the while talking with visitors and explaining my process.  It was a good afternoon.
Magnolia, detail 2, by Sue Reno
Magnolia, detail 2, by Sue Reno
Back in the studio I did a lot more work on it, securing the needlefelting by machine and adding to it.  I constructed a background quilt to support and enhance the center panel. And at the end I spent some time brightening the panel with lots of hand beadwork.  I'm delighted with the overall aesthetic of the piece and think it captures the scene with joy and exuberance.

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Martha Ginn said...

I enjoyed reading about the progression of the Magnolia piece; I read back to its beginning and left a comment there, mainly about working "plein air" even though my experience has been indoors with electricity for the machine.
Martha Ginn

Sunnie said...

Sue, I saw your SAQA post today and came to visit your blog. There are many plein aire events in my area, and I have thought of several ways to join in.
Glad to know your experience...sometimes just knowing someone else did it can be a big encouragement!

KAM said...

Sue, This plein aire expression in cloth and stitch is exquisite. The "background" for the needle-felted portion pulls all of the colors together beautifully. My pure delight to see this piece on my now rare visit to the computer. Your work always presents great explorations in fiber and this is truly outstanding.