March 7, 2016

Late Winter Woodsy Ramble

Susquehanna River
Last week's woodsy ramble and photo session began in State Game Lands 181, in York County, PA.  There were no clear overlooks on the trail taken, but many opportunities to glimpse the Susquehanna through the leafless deciduous forest.  Another section was mostly evergreen, with a layer of needles making for soft footing underneath.

Pine Forest
We ventured off-trail frequently, and discovered markers of various points on the life cycle, like the gnawed remnants of white tailed deer bones:
Deer Bones
The first spathes of skunk cabbage emerging creekside:

Skunk Cabbage emerging
A skunk cabbage spathe under the macro lens:
Skunk Cabbage emerging, macro
The beautiful evergreen leaves of the striped wintergreen, Chimaphila maculata:
striped wintergreen, Chimaphila maculata
The nest stop was the Indian Steps Museum.  The building was still closed for season--it is well worth a visit--but we were free to wander the grounds.
Indian Steps Museum
There's a large outdoor summer kitchen, with several fireplaces and ovens, including this one with ornate doors:
Iron oven doors at Indian Steps Museum
A sundial from 1911--"What Changes Time Hath Wrought"
Sundial at Indian Steps Museum
A ginormous American Holly tree and its accompanying plaque, with yours truly in the picture for scale. Also for scale, those are sycamore trees in the background.
American Holly at Indian Steps Museum
It's a  "350 year old holly tree that is believed to be the largest American holly tree in this latitude. The tree is 65 feet tall and its branches spread 65 feet as well. The circumference of the trunk, two feet above the ground, is 76 inches."
American Holly plaque at Indian Steps Museum
It's a very peaceful locale with a good vibe, and the river views are also tranquil.  This image became my choice for my week 36 iteration of my ongoing self-directed project, 52 Ways to Look at the River.
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 36 image, by Sue Reno
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 36 image
Back in the studio, I used the inspiration image to make this 6" x 12" panel, It's needlefelted with wool and silk, stitched, and handbeaded.
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 36 panel, by Sue Reno
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 36 panel
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