March 22, 2016

Ice Jam acceptance for Fiber National 2016

Ice Jam by Sue Reno
Ice Jam
 I am pleased and honored to announce that Ice Jam has been accepted into Fiber National 2016 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA.  The juror is Jennifer Lindsay.  The exhibits opens May 28th and runs through August 21st.
Ice Jam, detail 1, by Sue Reno
Ice Jam, detail 1
 Ice Jam is my distillation of numerous visits made to the Susquehanna River in the depths of winter, when freezing and fluctuating temperatures created large sheets of ice that jammed up the river and piled high on the shoreline.
Ice Jam, detail 2, by Sue Reno
Ice Jam, detail 2
The center panel in this work is needlefelted and extensively hand beaded.
Ice Jam, detail 3, by Sue Reno
Ice Jam, detail 3
 The supporting quilt is pieced from collograph prints, handpainted fabric, and commercial fabrics.  It is heavily quilted, and measures 43"h x 52"w.
Ice Jam, detail 4, by Sue Reno
Ice Jam, detail 4
It's true of fiber art in general, and of this piece in particular, that it's best viewed and appreciated in person.  Even the detail photographs fall a bit short of conveying the texture and depth of the materials.  So I am delighted that Ice Jam will have a chance to shine at Fiber National 2016. And it's close enough that I might be able to attend the opening.  I would love to see the other works in this exhibit.

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