December 4, 2014

Work in Progress – Ice Jam, Update 3

Sue Reno, Ice Jam, Work in Progress, Image 4
Work has progressed on the center panel of this piece.  I layered it with batting and lined the back, then began on the quilting.  I always get excited about the texture and detail that develops with all the stitching.  Fabric is such a responsive medium.  Look at how this has been transformed since the last update:
Sue Reno, Ice Jam, Work in Progress, Image 4 I enjoyed combining a lot of techniques in this piece—needlefelting, patchwork, surface design, quilting, couching and embellishment. .  When I teach about techniques, I always emphasize that “technique should be the servant of intent”.  This work is a good example of how the various ways of manipulating fibers and fabrics are not there just to showcase the methods, but to convey mood and meaning.

As always, thanks for following along.


Allison Aller said...

Magnificent, Sue.

KAM said...

Sue, your use of the many tools in your textile tool box to achieve the look you desire in a piece is always a hallmark of your skill and artistry for me. This piece is simply a fantastic vision.

mckittycat said...

This piece is beautiful. What a great use of all these techniques. Mary Ann