December 17, 2014

Silver Maple Embroidery

Sue Reno, Silver Maple embroidery
It’s a hectic time of year, and my studio time is fractured.  I like having a hand embroidery project available so that when I have a few spare minutes I can busy my hands, clear my head, and feel like I've accomplished something non-seasonal.  This silver maple heliographic print is serving that purpose right now.  I printed it on a hemp/silk blend fabric that has a slight texture and a crisp feel to it.  It’s wonderful to work on.  I'm using three strands of DMC cotton embroidery thread.
Sue Reno, Silver Maple embroidery, back view  And since I’m old-school when it comes to embroidery, the back is (almost) as neat as the front.  There are no knots in the thread and all the ends are woven into the work. This will eventually get layered and quilted, and then no one will ever see the back again, but it brings me pleasure to work this way.

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Allison Aller said...

Very nice, Sue! And I know what you mean about needing some "centering" (if you will)with handwork, even if it is just a little bit at a time. So you can imagine my angst when I discovered I had left my usual travel work bag at home during last week-end's cross country flights. Not good, not good! ;-) Looking forward to seeing where this leaf lands....