September 6, 2013

Jack in the Pulpit -- Work in Progress, Update 5

Sue Reno, Jack In The Pulpit, Work In Progress 24
As I hope you can see from the previous posts, there is a LOT of work that goes into one of my projects before I reach the point of actually designing and constructing it. I like to have all of my elements--the prints of all types, and the patchworked fabrics--ready before I start putting everything together.  Ideally, I will clear my schedule and take a day or two for full immersion into the construction.  I don’t generally finish in those immersion days, but it’s enough for me to see where it is I am headed. 
Sue Reno, Jack In ThePulpit, Work InProgress 25
Jack in the Pulpit is now a finished top. It measures out at roughly five feet by six feet.  Here’s a few glimpses of how the piecing went. I am  excited by how well it all came together!  It still  needs to be layered, quilted, and finished.  I have a lot going on right now so it has joined the queue. 
Thanks for following along up to this point, and stay tuned for further updates.