August 29, 2013

“The Organic Landscape” Artist Journal Online

As part of the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit, each artist made an Artist Journal about their creative process, materials, and techniques.  The journals are an integral part of the exhibit and are displayed along with the quilts in the exhibit venues.  Now many of the journals, including the one for my work, The Organic Landscape, are available as PDFs on the SAQA website here.  The direct link to mine is here.

I am working my way through them, and they are absolutely fascinating and illuminating.  If you wanted a crash course/master course in How to Create an Art Quilt, you could spend some time with these Journals and learn a tremendous amount.  I love the way each artist approached making the Journal differently, just as each quilt is unique.

The Seasonal Palette exhibit will be at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, from September 12 through December 2, 2013.  There’s also an excellent hardcover catalog available here.

For more about The Organic Landscape, you can track back my blog posts by clicking the Seasonal Palette tab on the blog header, or go here.

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