August 4, 2013

MQU Magazine Echo Quilting Article

MQU July 2013 photo spread
In the better late than never department, I want to acknowledge an article in the July/August 2013 edition of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine that features a few images of my work.  The article is “Echo Quilting” by the wonderful and talented Diane Rusin Doran, and it breaks down and explains everything you ever wanted and needed to know about this versatile and effective technique.  The spread from the article above shows a detail from my Big Root Geranium, bottom left, and The Organic Landscape, top center.  Other details on these pages are by the fabulous Nancy G. Cook; also included in the article is the work of the award winning quilter  Cindy Seitz-Krug.
If you are not yet familiar with this magazine, use this as your motivation to get a copy and check it out. It’s always an excellent blend of beautiful, interesting quilts and information you can actually use.

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