September 25, 2013

New Work -- Bleeding Heart

Sue Reno, Bleeding Heart, art quilt
This summer I was asked to  write an article about my cyanotype process for Quilting Arts Magazine.  I wanted to break down the process into step-by-step instructions and illustrations, and went looking in the garden for an appropriate botanical subject to document.  Luckily my bleeding heart plant, Dicentra spectabilis, was having a banner year and was in full bloom.  I clipped a flowering stem and used it for a cyanotype print on cotton, and was especially pleased at how well I was able to capture the delicacy of the flowers.  You can read all about the process, and learn how to make your own cyanotype prints,  in the Oct./Nov. issue of Quilting Arts, available here.
Sue Reno, Bleeding Heart, art quilt, detail image
Now that the magazine has hit the newsstands I am ready to share the art quilt I designed around the print.  Bleeding Heart was made with my handpainted fabrics, along with commercial cottons and silks, and measures 30”h x 28”w.  It captures that moment in the early summer garden when all the world seems bright and fresh and new.  It’s up online in The Garden gallery on my website - enjoy!
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Anonymous said...

Great work, Sue. Beautifully captures the essence of dicentra. Another winner from your studio.