June 7, 2013

Silk Mill #1 and Silk Mill #2 acceptance for New Legacies Contemporary Art Quilts

Two of my recent works, both from my ongoing Structures series of architectural art quilts, have been accepted into the New Legacies Contemporary Art Quilts exhibit.  Both Silk Mill #1 and Silk Milk #2 will be traveling to the Lincoln Center Gallery in Ft. Collins, CO for the exhibit, which runs from July 9th through August 31st, 2013
From the prospectus:  “Art quilts accepted for exhibition will exemplify innovation in quilting and surface design techniques as well as excellence in artistic composition and craftsmanship. The goal of the exhibition is to recognize the world's finest contemporary quilt artists and to advance the art form.”

It sounds wonderful!  I am honored to be included.

These works are based on photos I took of the abandoned Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill, in Columbia, PA, shortly before it was renovated and a portion of it was developed into a tourist destination for the Turkey Hill Dairy.  I was enthralled by the way the light shone through the missing windows, and the way trees and plants took advantage of the missing portions of the roof.  Despite the beauty in its decrepitude, I am delighted it has been saved.

After its stint as a silk mill, the building served as a garment factory. Recently when I was lecturing to a quilt guild and was showing these works, I met a delightful woman who grew up in Columbia. She remembered buying  children’s snowsuits at a discount  from a relative who worked in the factory shortly before it shut down in the 70’s.  I love it when my work makes connections!

To see more images and read about the works in progress, click on the Silk Mill tab at the top.

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KAM said...

Sue, I have truly enjoyed following your process with the architectural series; these two are simply fantastic additions. I especially like the colorway of the top piece. Congratulations on your acceptance into this show. Kristin