June 21, 2013

An Award of Merit at Images 2013

It was with great pleasure that I discovered on opening night  that my Skunk and Garlic Mustard  won an Award of Merit at Images 2013, at the Robeson Gallery at Penn State University.  I think part of the credit must go to the gallery staff, who displayed it with such brilliance, hanging it a few inches out from a slightly curved wall and lighting it perfectly. The intensive stitching I did on this work was highlighted, giving it an almost sculptural quality, all without washing out the imagery.  I love and appreciate having my work in this all-media exhibit; the quality of the work is always excellent, and the space itself is wonderfully conducive to appreciating it. 
Another pleasure of attending the opening is seeing the work of my friends, such as fellow fiber artist Marcia DeCamp’s Earthquake Faults. Marcia favors strong geometric elements in her contemporary art quilts, and her color sense is superb.
Over the years of my involvement with this exhibit I’ve become friends with the lovely and talented Anni Matsick, watercolorist and illustrator extraordinaire.  It was fun to have a chance to chat in person and enjoy the artwork together.
Here’s a better look at the two paintings Anni had in the show, Say Cheese on the left, and Sleeping Infant on the right. Both show a great sensitivity for the subject matter and an incredible mastery of the medium.
Anni introduced me to her friend Thomas Mickle, and I greatly enjoyed speaking with him and looking at his incredibly detailed drawings.


Tom’s His Bones Did Not Regret All the Killing He Had Done received the William D. Davis Award in Drawing.
I also met Michele Randall.  We had fun talking shop, and she explained part of her printmaking process, which includes awesome activities like laser cutting.  Her gorgeous Soldier Parade, on the right, won an Honorable Mention.
My happiness in this picture comes not just from the award, which was very significant and meaningful for me, but also from the pleasure of an evening filled with art and the company of like minded individuals. Several people remarked on my work that it transcended the quilt making medium and stood on its merits as a unique artistic expression.  I spend countless hours alone in the studio crafting my work--to put it out into the world and have it understood and appreciated is truly priceless.

The reception was on June 7th (my post has been delayed as I left on vacation afterwards); it is up until July 14th to coincide with the nationally recognized outdoor Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition.  Stop in if you are in the area, it is definitely worth your time.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!


Anni Matsick said...

Another really fun opening, Sue, and always made more so by your being there. Your prize-winning entry is stunning in this setting, perfectly lighted. Thanks for the good press here :0)

Frieda Oxenham said...

Wow, Sue, that's wonderful! Lots of congratulations and very well deserved. Loved seeing the pictures of this exhibition online. It felt that somehow I was there even though I sadly wasn't.