June 7, 2012

Columbine Acceptance - In Full Bloom

I am happy to share that my work, Columbine, has been accepted into the special exhibit “In Full Bloom”, which will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX, November 1-4, and then travel to Cincinnati, OH and Long Beach, CA in 2013.
Columbine, detail 2
This was my first time applying to this exhibit, but it seemed like a good potential fit as much of my work is botanically based, and I am really thrilled to have been included.  Of all the entries, only 28 were chosen.
Columbine, detail 2
This quilt has four cyanotype panels on silk, and the patchwork is a mix of silks and cottons.  It's one of those that really needs to be seen in person, to catch the sheen of the silks and the texture of the stitching.

Here’s the blue columbine plant that was the inspiration for this quilt, as well as the source material for the cyanotype prints.  It arrived as a volunteer from points unknown in my asparagus bed years ago, and as it is happy there I let it be.  The timing is good, as it blooms when the asparagus is ready for picking, so I get to admire it up close and personal for weeks each spring.
Blue Columbine Plant


Susan said...

Congratulations! Are you going to Houston? I'd love to meet you!

DeCamp Fiber Arts Studio said...

Yea and Congrats! A second reason to go to Houston.... :-)