April 22, 2012

New Work - Bamboo Emerging - in MQU

I can finally reveal a new work-- Bamboo Emerging, 18”h x 24”w.
Bamboo Emerging
I created it in response to an invitation from the editors of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine.  It’s part of a set of 12 art quilts, by 12 different artists, representing the seasons of the year.  I received the email asking me to participate last summer while I was in Bangalore, India, and I’ve been sitting on the news ever since, so I am really thrilled to be sharing it at last!
Bamboo Emerging - detail
Bamboo Emerging represents spring.  Years ago our neighbors planted Arundinaria gigantean bamboo, and every spring it makes a run for it towards my yard. I spend some time hacking it back, while pausing to admire its attractive qualities. 

The center portion is a cyanotype on silk, made from a culled shoot.  The panels are pieced from a variety of silks, with a bit of earthy wool mixed in at the bottom.  Over top of the panels I laid narrow strips of contrasting silk and silk threads and used a machine needle felter to meld them into place.  I then intensively machine quilted it, and added some hand beadwork.  I like the energy and movement it conveys.

I received my advance copy of MQU, the May/June 2012 issue, in the mail yesterday, so I can also share how it looks in the layout:
The best part of this experience is the company I am keeping.  The other artists involved are (Spring) Heidi Zielinski and Patty Hawkins, (Summer) Patricia Anderson Turner, Eileen Doughty, and Roxanne Lessa, (Fall) Judy Momenzadeh, Carol Ann Sinnreich, and Lea McComas, and (Winter) Patt Blair, Kate Themel, and Kathie Briggs.  Wow! It’s an all-star lineup, and the quilts are really, really wonderful.  The quilts will be touring various venues for the next 18 months, starting with the Mancuso Denver National Quilt Festival in May, so keep an out for them when you are out and about.
May 2012 Cover Page
Machine Quilting Unlimited, May/June 2012 cover
You are going to want a copy of this issue, not just for this feature but also for all the other great content, so if you are not already a subscriber, go here to get yours.  Seriously. It’s a good magazine.


Pamela Price Klebaum said...

This has so much energy! Really terrific!

Pat Bishop said...

Love it Sue, I need to buy this magazine. I see Kathie Briggs is in it too, we are in Fiber Artists Coalition together. Congratulations on the opportunity!

Vivien Zepf said...

This is so fantastic -- the quilt and the opportunity. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy; I just started a subscription.