April 12, 2012

“Juried Status” with the PA Guild of Craftsmen

Watt & Shand #4
 I am very pleased to share that I have been awarded “Juried Status” with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.
Groundhog and Green Bean
 From the website:  "Juried Status is recognition for a body of work that is exceptional and meets or exceeds these three benchmarks:
  • excellence in craftsmanship
  • resolved design
  • unique voice or style"
Deer and Mayapple
“Excellence in craftsmanship is reserved for work that shows the highest standards of quality. The work demonstrates a mastery of the medium, far beyond basic and intermediate proficiency skills. Attention to details and a thorough knowledge of the medium is demonstrated.”
Big Root Geranium
“In work awarded juried status, the design is resolved and individual to the craftsman. Good composition is expected. The use of tension and space enhance overall design. Choice of materials and methods show innovation and mastery with all elements working together.”
Watt & Shand #9
 “Style represents the true creative nature of the Designer Craftsman. A unique voice is an innate part of all juried craftsmen’s expression. The conceptual richness evidenced in the work shows the nature, complexity and execution that marks each individual’s work as distinctive and unique. It sets it apart from the work of others, not only qualitatively, but in achieving an individual identity, readily recognizable as belonging to that maker.”

It's meeting this guideline that I am proudest of, I think.  I have been sewing and stitching and creating literally almost my entire life, so a lot of the technical skills are second nature to me at this point.  But I have worked hard at developing my personal, recognizable style, and am honored at having my "voice" recognized.
I consider this an excellent set of criteria, and am very happy that my work met the guidelines.  Jurying is a two part process, where images, bio and resume are submitted digitally, and then the craftsperson brings in the work for a hands-on examination and review by a panel of experts.  The works shown above are the ones I submitted.  I am a good fit with this organization and plan on becoming more involved.


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Wow, congratulations! Well deserved!

DeCamp Fiber Arts Studio said...

Way to go, Sue! Congratulations!!

meta said...


KAM said...

This is a well deserved recognition. I have followed your work and development as an artist for several years and delight in being a part of your audience as you developed your style and put your artist voice out for the world to see. Congratulations.


Vivian Helena said...

Congratulations, very well deserved.
It has been fun watching you grow and have always admired your creativeness.. I know how hard it is to find a style and keep being inspired to create more.. I am still searching.