July 13, 2011

Vintage India - Rameswaram

Continuing my tour through India, circa 1974, we come to the city of Rameswaram, at the tip of the Indian peninsula on the sea coast. It had a lot to recommend it, with a stunning temple complex and the picturesque views of the shoreline.  I‘m glad I was able to visit, but it was the one place in my travels where I was at times distinctly uneasy.  The attitude of many of the inhabitants of the town at that time towards foreigners could be summed up by this image:
SueReno_Rameswaran 1
Although, to be fair, there was also this crowd, anxious to have their picture taken:
SueReno_Rameswaran 4
Also, to be fair, one of my travelling companions at that time was not, as they  say, a very chilled out dude, and that doubtlessly affected my experience.  At any rate, the temple complex was wonderful:
SueReno_Rameswaran 6
And here I am posing with some hesitancy:
SueReno_Rameswaran 3
One of the shrines:
SueReno_Rameswaran 8
And a spectacular view from the top of the gopuram:
SueReno_Rameswaran 7
Some fishing boats:
SueReno_Rameswaran 11
And my hotel boasted a peacock in the garden:
SueReno_Rameswaran 10

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