July 25, 2011

Modern India - The Ideal Beach Resort

After the hustle and bustle of Chennai, and still a bit jet-lagged, we were anxious to get to the decadent part of our trip, a stay at the Ideal Beach Resort. (The website has music, so mute your speakers.)  I had booked this online, based on pictures and reviews, and so was a bit nervous about how it would pan out.  Luckily, it was indeed Ideal.  From the warm and professional welcome at Reception, to our walk around the grounds, to our spacious “sea facing cottage” with a dressing room and luxurious bath, everything about the resort was delightful.  Here’s the view from our  second floor balcony (all pictures enlarge when you click on them):
In the evenings, we sat outside to play cards and watch bats swooping about gracefully and catching moths. 
The restaurant was excellent, the food was a definite cut above average and the atmosphere pleasant:
There was a nice pool--one of the reasons I chose the resort was for an environment where we could wear bathing suits without offending sensibilities:
The entire complex seemed well maintained, and they were working on a new tile surround for the pool.  This being India, we were treated to the juxtaposition of travellers from around the globe splashing and having fun in the pool, while at one end a group of workers trundled sand and tiles in handcarts,  mixed concrete and grout in buckets, and laid tile:
The most important part of a beach resort, of course, is the beach.  It was wide and clean, lined with huts and palm trees hung with hammocks, and a very pleasant place to pass the time.  The undertow was fierce on the days we were there, and swimming was not recommended, but there was no lifeguard regardless so it was a moot point for me.  We got up early both days to go watch the sunrise. 
A good place for a sun salutation:
And to watch the beach dogs:
And the crows:

The fishermen launching out into the sea:
The cattle:
All in all, a very relaxing experience:

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