February 15, 2010

Watt & Shand Series Completed!

I am very pleased to announce that my "Watt & Shand" series is complete and the images are uploaded to my website. To see all ten in the series, including #6, above, and #9, below, with detail shots and descriptions, click on the Structures gallery.
Nine of them (#2 has already been sold) will be debuting in my solo show "Transformation: The Watt & Shand Series" at the Arts Hotel Gallery in Lancaster, PA, with the opening reception on Friday, March 19th. I will be in attendance and would love to meet you there. I'll post with more details as the time draws near.

This body of work is the culmination of a long process of exploration and design for me. I started taking pictures of the historic Watt & Shand building in Lancaster, PA back in April of 2007. The building had been demolished to make way for a hotel and convention center, but the facade was saved and supported with an elaborate scaffolding; I was mesmerized with the way the light came through the empty windows.
I made the first art quilt in the series in January of last year and have working on the series almost non-stop since then. I culled through hundreds of my photographs to use the images that captured something essential about the construction process and the visual tableau it presented. By clicking on "Watt & Shand" under Labels in the right sidebar, you can track back the works in progress.
Thanks for all the support and encouragement I've received on this project to date, and I hope you enjoy the results of my journey into architectural depictions.


Rayela Art said...

Well, I love them, Sue, and I hope the show is a roaring success!

Anonymous said...


What an accomplishment!!!! Each one is more beautiful than the next...Number 9 is a masterpiece of color...7 has so much action and interest, it pulls you right in...and 3 is a unique gem of color and composition. What a series! The art world should stand up and take notice...Congratulations!!!!


wen Redmond said...

I love the combination of photography with fiber. Excellent work- congratulations!

Azreada said...

What an ambitious project. What an accomplishment. You must feel pleased with the outcome and relieved that you finished. Congratulations on an exceptional body of work!

Penny Mateer said...

An impressive series. I particularly like #5 and 6 how you create the border. On line it almost looks like lace or a doily. With that border the photos really pop (the nod to Andy). I also like your use of color in particular the blues which remind me of blue prints.

Number 8 intrigues me as well. To my mind your fabric choice and use of photographs brings the construction of not just the quilt but your interpretation of the Watt and Shand building together.

I always enjoy a nod to architecture.

Hope to see them in person.

Kristin L said...

I love the colors on #9 -- it's like a patch of sunlight on the building. The border on #6 looks like lace, which seems appropriate for the old building.

Vivien said...

What a terrific collection of work! I bounce around as to which is my favorite. Right now, #6 is my favorite, but I'm sure that will change the next time I look at them all. Congratulations on this terrific achievement and on your "embarrassment of riches"! :)

Sue Reno said...

Thanks, everyone, for viewing and commenting. I'm pleased that there are different favorites; I tried to make them all unique while still fitting into the series.