February 6, 2010

More Than Fiber Card, and some snow

I got the exhibit postcards for the More Than Fiber exhibit at the Goggleworks, and I've reproduced it here so you can see the list of exhibition artists. There were only 33 artists accepted--I am really honored to be one of them.

Not much studio time today here today. I've been dealing with the after effects of a major snowstorm here on the east coast--i.e., shoveling. I made some progress but have more to do tomorrow. Here the view on my back deck, showing about 28-30 inches of snow piled up on the patio table:

And here's a view out the front. There's a Prius under there somwhere!

1 comment:

Kristin L said...

That's some crazy snow -- the Prius looks like a VW Microbus!