November 10, 2017

A Change in the Air

Honey fungus_Sue Reno
 After a long, warm, extended autumn, a change has come to my corner of the world in Pennsylvania. Just before the first frost, I went out and documented everything that was still flowering or fruiting in my yard. It's time to let it go. I have a plethora of prints, images, and projects to work on over the winter months. Enjoy the images!
Orange marigolds_Sue Reno

Ornamental sage_Sue Reno

Yellow nasturtium_Sue Reno

Culinary oregano flowers_Sue Reno

Pink zinnia_Sue Reno

Swiss chard_Sue Reno

Hungarian wax peppers_Sue Reno

Alpine strawberries_pineapple crush_Sue Reno

Echinacea flower_Sue Reno

Portulaca_Sue Reno

Red pelargonium_Sue Reno

Purple petunia_Sue Reno

Lavender flowers_macro_Sue Reno

Alpine strawberry flower_Sue Reno

Tall red cannas_Sue Reno

Wood poppy flower_Sue Reno

Yellow re-blooming iris buds_Sue Reno

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