July 18, 2017

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts - Judging 2017

Jurors and Escorts, CPFA 2017
Last Thursday I reported for duty at the Central Pennsylvania Festival for the Arts in State College, PA, with my fellow jurors. After having picked the artists for the Sidewalk Sale (read about that process here), it was time to hit the streets and see the work in person. Each juror was assigned a volunteer escort to travel with them and keep them on track and on time.  The Sale is spread out over several streets and areas of the Penn State campus, so having an escort who knows their way around is really helpful. They are also super nice people!
Booths at CPFA
This is the one and only photo I took of the show, and it doesn't begin to do it justice. I was too busy working to focus on photography. I had 300+ booths to visit and score over the course of a long day. As requested by the show organizers, I made a point of introducing myself and chatting briefly about the work with all but a handful of the artists (I would never interrupt a sale). I also made a point of keeping my energy up and giving each artist an equal measure of my attention. My escorts helped by making sure I  had a good lunch, and by providing Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream at just the right moment in the heat of the afternoon.

Overall I was very, very pleased with the artwork we had selected. It was a real thrill to see so much high quality work in person, and meet so many creative and incredibly hardworking artists. (You can see the full listing here.)

The next morning I dashed about in a series of thunderstorms, reviewing some of my choices and making sure my scores were as accurate as possible before turning in my score sheets. Late in the afternoon after the scores had been tabulated, the jurors met to discuss the results and decide on the prizes to be awarded. There was over $17,500 to be awarded in various categories--a huge responsibility, and one we took very seriously. This was a GREAT group of jurors and I'm very proud of the work we did.

And he we are just before the awards ceremony Saturday morning. L-R Sue RenoNaomi Cleary, Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Jim BovĂ©, and Jay Gould.  It was so much fun to see the artists receive their awards, and an honor to be a part of this artist community. 

CPFA Jurors at Awards Ceremony, Allen St.


Pat Gangl Dolan said...

Thanks for an inside look on the jurying process!

Anni Matsick said...

We don't expect you to take pictures, too, Sue! Great having you again this year, definitely a great group of jurors, job well done.