October 9, 2016

Late Summer Roses - update 4

Late Summer Roses, by Sue Reno, WIP15

I'm making steady progress on Late Summer Roses.  I've just added the roses.  They are little balls of wool roving, felted into place.  I may add beadwork or more detailing to them, I'm still contemplating my next move, but for now I am very happy with how things look.

Late Summer Roses, by Sue Reno, WIP16
I've also pieced the strips of silk and cotton into long strip sets, that will be sliced up and pieced further for the background quilt.  

Late Summer Roses, by Sue Reno, WIP17
There's a lot of work that goes into the preparatory part of quilt assembly.  Soon it will all be all fun and games as I put these elements together.  Stay tuned!


Vivien Zepf said...

I love this close piecing with a riot of colors. Just curious: do you freehand cut the strips or use a ruler?

Sue Reno said...

Both! I use my rulers as an edge for improvisational rotary cutting. I dislike measuring and rarely do any before squaring up the work at the end.