June 5, 2016

The Susquehanna at Wrightsville PA

From this week's vantage point in Wrightsville, PA, I looked to the left and saw the modern Rt. 30 span across the Susquehanna.
Rt. 30 bridge and the Susquehanna,  Wrightsville, PA
I looked straight across and saw glimpses of the town of Columbia.  The water tower with a colorful sign is at the tourist site, The Turkey Hill Experience.
View of Columbia, PA and the Susquehanna from Wrightsville
Before the site was renovated, I visited the crumbling ruins of the former silk mill, and used imagery from my visits in my three Silk Mill artquilts.  Here is Silk Mill #3.
Silk Mill #3 by Sue Reno
Silk Mill #3
I looked to the right and saw the Veterans Memorial Bridge, a continuing source of inspiration and imagery in my artwork.
The Veterans Memorial Bridge on the Susquehanna
I took a few minutes to look down and see what was growing wild along the riverbank.  I was rewarded with finding this false indigo.
Amorpha fruiticosa, false indigo

The flowers are complex and beautiful under the macro lens.
Amorpha fruiticosa, false indigo flowers, macro view 1

Amorpha fruiticosa, false indigo flowers, macro view 2
I also found a yellow flag iris.
Iris pseudacorus, yellow flag iris
And a dizzying array of chamomile in full bloom.
Matricaria chamomilla in flower GIF
My real reason for the trip was to train my telephoto lens on a portion of this landscape I haven't focused on before.  Next to the Veterans Memorial Bridge are a series of old bridge piers that were used in several previous historic bridge structures.  It's an interesting history; you can read about it here.  Over time the piers have accumulated the trappings of small islands, with accumulated soil and vegetation.
Veterans Memorial bridge and historic bridge pier on the Susquehanna
I chose this view as my week 49 inspiration image for my 52 Ways to Look at the River project.  If you are new here, you can see a recap of the project in this previous post, or click the "52 Weeks" tab at the top to track back all the posts.
52 Ways to Look at the River, Week 49 image, by Sue Reno
52 Ways to Look at the River, Week 49 image,
This was one of my more detailed and time consuming panels to make, but I am very happy with how it turned out!
52 Ways to Look at the River, Week 49 panel, by Sue Reno
52 Ways to Look at the River, Week 49 panel
Only 4 more weeks to go until I have all 52 panels, and then I will assemble them into art quilts.
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