April 10, 2016

Conowingo Dam and Port Deposit, MD

Having crossed most of the local must-see Susquehanna River sites off of my list, this week I ventured a bit further afield to the Conowingo Dam and Hydroelectric Plant in Maryland.  The top of the dam is also the roadbed, and is a bit of a thrill to drive across.

Conowingo Dam, Image 1
The architecture of the dam and adjacent structures and floodgates is similar to that of the Safe Harbor Dam further upriver, which I visited back in week 16  I like the contrast of all the arches and the angles.
Conowingo Dam, Image 2
The banks are landscaped in a utilitarian fashion, and are a draw for fishermen. I saw several in waders deep in the water, despite the unseasonably cold temperatures.
Conowingo Dam, Image 3
The area is also a boon to birds, especially great blue herons and bald eagles, and I saw birdwatchers with big scopes and impressive camera setups. Drones are sensibly banished.
Conowingo Dam, Image 4
The concept in this sign was new to me, and I had to look it up.  Apparently vultures are sometimes prone to attacking the rubber and vinyl components on cars, and no one is certain of the cause behind the behavior.  I didn't see any vultures on my visit.
Conowingo Dam, Image 5
Back across the bridge and a few miles down river, I came to the historic town of Port Deposit, MD.  Their welcome sign is pretty fabulous. Beginning in colonial times, and continuing well into the 20th century, the granite quarries produced material used in all manner of buildings up and down the east coast.
Port Deposit, Image 1
Today the historic architecture of the town is contrasted with a long swath of modern town homes/condos all along the riverfront.
Port Deposit, Image 2
The Conowingo Dam is the last obstacle in the river before the Susquehanna meets the Chesapeake Bay 9 miles downstream, so these docks will soon be bustling with boats as the season gets underway.
Port Deposit, Image 3
For my inspiration image for week 41, I chose this view of the Conowingo Dam:
Week 41 Image, 52 Ways to Look at the River, by Sue Reno
Week 41 Image, 52 Ways to Look at the River
Here's the corresponding fiber art panel for week 41.  The panel is 6" x 12", needlefelted with silk and wool, appliqued and stitched:
Week 41 Panel, 52 Ways to Look at the River, by Sue Reno
Week 41 Panel, 52 Ways to Look at the River
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