December 27, 2015

Holtwood Dam, the Norman Wood Bridge, and 52 Weeks

This week's Susquehanna River adventure took us to the Holtwood Dam area in southern Lancaster and York Counties in Pennsylvania.  Above is the dam from the Face Rock overlook in Martic Township.  Adjacent to the dam and hydroelectric plant is a steam generator plant that originally depended on dredged coal that washed down river from inefficient mining practices in the anthracite coal region..
Above is another view of the dam and facilities from the York County side.  The river level was very low on this day.  Below is a distance view of the Norman Wood Bridge spanning the river.
The area around the dam has several hiking trails for exploring the river hills.  Below is a shelter and fire pit on the Boy Scout Trail.
There are also some well preserved remnants of a once extensive canal system that paralleled the river.  Here is a portion of Lock 12.
The Norman Wood Bridge, circa 1968, was closed for a time in the fall when an inspection revealed a significant crack. The bridge inspection had been moved up from the spring in order to avoid disturbing nesting peregrine falcons.  It has since been repaired and reopened.
We were there early on a Sunday afternoon, and there were many Amish families out travelling in their buggies.  From our vantage point exploring below the bridge, the horse's hoofs and the steel wheels on the buggies were surprisingly loud and resonant.
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 26 Image
This view of the bridge and its reflection on the water became my inspiration photo for week 26 in my ongoing project, 52 Ways to Look at the River.  I really enjoyed the challenge of making a fiber art interpretation of this complicated image.  This marks the halfway point of the project and it's been a great success in terms of goal setting and productivity for me.
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 26 Panel
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