December 19, 2015

52 Ways to Look at the River, update 4

52 Ways to Look at the River, weeks 1 - 24
 It's time to check in again on my ongoing project, 52 Ways to Look at the River.  It's been six weeks since the last compilation, so here are the panels from weeks 1 - 24 informally pinned up on a design board.  There's a lot going on!  The panels continue to get more detailed, and each one is taking more time to create than I had originally planned on.  And the perspective continues to shift.  In the beginning, I was working with a sort of loosely interpreted aerial view, like I've used in my larger River Series pieces like In Dreams I Flew Over the River and  In Dreams I Learned to Swim.  Now they are all from the the angle of standing on the shore, or high up on an overlook.  I'm also getting bolder with colors and patterns, which was partly spurred by the great autumn colors this year.

None of this has been planned, I am simply trying to react to each inspiration photo and create quickly and in the moment without overthinking them.  I don't "fix" anything as I assemble each one, I just keep going until it seems complete.  I am learning a LOT through this experience.

I am also enjoying the weekly field trip to find the right site for the inspiration photo.  Some weeks I have time for a hike, sometimes it's just a drive, park and shoot, but the Susquehanna never disappoints in its variety and beauty.  And while I do get out and about a good bit normally, this is really sharpening my focus and activity.  I've been helped by the extraordinarily mild weather.  The last two late autumns/early winters have been replete with snow and ice and poor traveling conditions, but that's not remotely in the forecast so far.

Below are the latest panels, weeks 17 - 24.  They are all 6" x 10", wool and silk, needlefelted and stitched.  Click to enlarge.
52 Ways to Look at the River, week 17

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 18

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 19

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 20

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 21

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 22

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 23

52 Ways to Look at the River, week 24
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I've also added a new tab at the top header for this project, which lets you trace the series back as I go.  Or click the "52 Weeks" tab in the right sidebar, or click here.

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Janis Doucette said...

Inspiring! Nice work!

Heather P said...

I'm really enjoying this series. Wonderful work, Sue!