January 22, 2015

Susquehanna River Ice Tour, part 1

Susquehanna River Ice at Wrightsville, by Sue Reno
The Susquehanna River has partially frozen over, and we went out to take a look.  Veterans Memorial Bridge at Wrightsville, by Sue Reno
We visited some old favorites and some new photo op sites, all on the York County, Pennsylvania side of the river.Ice slabs on the Susquehanna riverbank at Wrightsville, by Sue Reno
The Veterans Memorial Bridge, crossing from Columbia to Wrightsville, is definitely a continuing theme.  I've photographed it countless times, and made artwork featuring it.Sue Reno, The Old Bridge, detail We made a side trip to another favorite site, the Codorus Forge Furnace, on the Codorus Creek that feeds into the river.
Codorus Forge, York County, PA, Image 1, by Sue Reno
It was especially beautiful this day, partially covered with ice and glistening in the weak winter sun.
Codorus Forge, York County, PA, Image 2, by Sue RenoThe moss and lichen coating the stonework was in high relief.Codorus Forge, York County, PA, Image 3, by Sue Reno
The brick superstructure , with ice, and a backdrop of bare trees:Codorus Forge, York County, PA, Image 4, by Sue Reno Veering back towards the river, we passed the Brunner Island Steam Electric Station.
Brunner Island Power Plant, by Sue Reno
It’s a coal fired plant built in the 1960s.  Brunner Island smoke stack, by Sue Reno
The politics of its continued operation are complicated, as per this article in the local paper.Brunner Island ash pile, by Sue Reno
It’s surrounded by giant heaps of coal, brought in by rail, and large piles of ash.

Up next: a lot more ice.

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