January 3, 2015

Jack in the Pulpit acceptance for Lancaster AQS

Sue Reno, Jack in the Pulpit
What a great way to start a new year!  I’m pleased to announce that Jack in the Pulpit has been accepted for the American Quilter’s Society show, March 11-14,  at the Lancaster County Convention, Lancaster, PA.
Sue Reno, Jack in the Pulpit, detail 1This is my hometown show, so I will look forward to attending it.  It’s a great opportunity to visit and catch up with many of my friends in the quilt world, and to admire the quilts in the exhibits.
Sue Reno, Jack in the Pulpit, detail 3 Jack in the Pulpit is a large quilt, 5 feet high by 6 feet wide, so it will hold its own in the expo center.  It’s a tour-de-force of my printmaking skills, with cyanotypes, heliographic monoprints, and digital prints from my original photographs.  It has complex free form piecing of hand-painted and commercial silks and cottons, and is intensively stitched.  Like most fiberart, it really needs to be seen in person to enjoy all the subtleties of texture and color.

Jack in the Pulpit is an interesting and striking native plant; this specimen volunteered in my garden, in my currant bed, and it took me two years to make the prints because I didn't want to weaken it by harvesting too many leaves at one time.  I worked on the quilt, off and on, for a few more years….making art is not always a linear process! 

Update:  Jack in the Pulpit won the First Place award in its category!  I was a bit stunned and very grateful..It was subsequently featured in American Quilter Magazine:

Thank you AQS for all you do to promote quilts and quilting.


Vivien Zepf said...

fabulous news! Congratulations, Sue!

KAM said...

Sue this quilt is stunning; your incorporation of your many and varied photo and piecing techniques in this beautiful work of art is fantastic. I have been truly fond of your series with architecture but I believe this piece now has the first place seat for me. Kudos for the acceptance in this exhibit - there will surely be many more to follow.