January 5, 2014

If I Woke at Dawn – Work in Progress

I’ve made progress on the new, experimental River piece I showed in my last post.  I did some hand embroidery and a lot of machine stitching.  I’ve did a clean finish on the edges, which are slightly irregular, and readied it for some hand beadwork.  It measures around 19” square at this point.
If I Woke at Dawn, a work in progress by Sue Reno
I’ve also titled it – If I Woke at Dawn.  It’s a hypothetical birds-eye view of the river landscape.  In practical terms I am not particularly functional at dawn, and most of the sunrises I experience are imaginary.  It also fits into my current River works that start in my dreams; In Dreams I Flew Over the River, In Dreams I Saw the Colors Change, and In Dreams I Climbed the Cliffs.  This one has the feel of the moment between dreaming and waking….
If I Woke at Dawn, detail, a work in progress by Sue Reno
After beading I will probably mount it on canvas, frame it, or mount it on a larger quilted base.  Since this is an exploratory work, I’m not rushing to make that decision.


Pat's Place said...

This one touches my soul. It reminds me of all the times I watched the Susquehanna River flowing by my home and the feeling wrapped in the security of the on-going-ness of nature & the Higher Being.

Sue Reno said...

Wow, Pat, what a lovely endorsement and deep understanding of what I am working on conveying! I humbly thank you.

Ali George said...

Sue - I really like the transition sections and how stitch is incorporated. It's very mellow and at the same time powerful imagery. As always, thank you.