December 7, 2013

Skunk and Garlic Mustard accepted into Mesa Contemporary Arts Exhibit

Skunk and Garlic Mustard by Sue Reno
I am happy to announce that Skunk and Garlic Mustard has been accepted into the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum’s 35th Annual Contemporary Crafts exhibit. Highlighting the finest in contemporary crafts from across the country, Mesa Contemporary Arts’ Annual Contemporary Crafts exhibition has become a benchmark for innovation and quality. Representative of traditional craft mediums including ceramics, fibers, basketry, metals, wood, glass, jewelry, papermaking and book arts, this exhibition showcases 46 artworks by 35 artists, representing 14 states.  The exhibit will run from February 14 through April 13, 2014 in the Dobson main gallery at the Museum in Mesa, AZ.
Skunk and Garlic Mustard by Sue Reno, Detail 1
I’m always particularly thrilled when my work is included in a fine crafts venue.  I feel it’s a good fit for the work that I do, which melds contemporary design with meticulous craftsmanship. Plus they are such wonderful exhibits to attend—it’s exciting to see all the interesting ways the artists find to push their various mediums.  Skunk and Garlic Mustard by Sue Reno, detail 2
Skunk and Garlic Mustard is part of my Flora and Fauna series, where I combine cyanotype prints of the skulls of native wildlife with vintage textiles and heliographic prints of plants.  It features prints of both the skull and all the tiny and interesting skeletal bones.  Garlic mustard is an obnoxious invasive plant I spend a lot of time pulling from the garden beds in the spring.  Its one redeeming feature is it did make a beautiful print on a piece of silk twill!

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